★ Public tweets on #Chhadke

The following are the tweets we show in twitter and facebook regarding the latest Nepali Movie Chhadke.

  • Everybody’s complaining ‘Chhadke’ indeed has good first half but ruined on Second. :- Dinesh Dhakal
  • छड्के (the jungle man)-के सोचेथे पहिले के पाए अहिले !!!!…….not dissappointed ,yet not satisfied!!!!! :- Niraj Khadka
  • Guys, watch Chhadke with no expectation. Don’t think about story. Don’t try to figure out what’s going on. Warning else u get disappointed. :-SujanUday
  • Pple didn’t like the movie bcz the gangsters (esp. Robin) died in the 2nd half. Arrre yar….they have to die. Its their destiny!:-Giri Kanchan
  • Watch Chhadke. It’s worth Praising and Watching. I fully enjoyed it. I saw nothing bad in the film to benegative
  • chhadke very much disappointing…. you must see it to be disappointed :-Rajan Kathet
  • hows the movie chhadke ??? getting mixed reviews… some says ‘its awesome” some says “total waste ofmoney” herna jam ki najam? :- sambhawana sharma
  • Chhadke – not for time pass, its really for time waste, at least for me! :-निलाम्बर ‏@nilambar
  • not for time pass, its really for time waste, at least for me!:- Sagar Sharma
  • Very good as expected, very good cinematography, excellent dialogue delivery n brilliant performance by all. Rating 4/5. :- Pramod Neupane
  • Amit Poudel:- lastai booring movie. guys don’t waste time and money

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