★ Chhadke Record Breaking Opening Figures

Not everyone seems to be satisfied with Chhadke Nepali movie that hit the theatres in Nepal yesterday. But the movie has dragged (literally) massive audience to theatres like no movies before thus breaking the previous records of opening figures of overall movies in Nepal.

Chhadke Nepali Movie Record Breaking Figures

Bejoy Barakoti of Sunbi Design Studio – publicity partner of chhadke confirmed speaking to NepaliChalchitra that that the movie has garnered record-breaking opening figures (highest first day collection for any Hollywood, Bollywood and Nepali Movie in Nepal).

Cinemas increasing the shows and reporting big figures clearly indicate that Chhadke will be making a mark in Nepali Movie’s business. Managing director of Gopi Krishna Movies – Pradeep Dahal informed that the movie collected approximate of 2.5-3 lakhs in a single day. Fcube Cinemas had to increase it shows from 8 to 12 to accommodate its viewers and Arun Rijal from Fcube Cinemas also reported that the movie will collect somewhere around 10 lakhs in just two days. QFX cinemas that increased its shows to total of 18 in a day should also have collected impressive figures but its distribution head Basanta Manandhar can only report the figures after the week starts tomorrow.

Chhadke is also doing pretty well on second day of its release today with fully booked shows in most of the theatres.


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